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Welcome to the NAS Plymouth website


Please note: email address for women's group is currently not working.

Please contact using NAS PAAB email or Facebook page.



Contact us via email at


[email protected]



The NAS Helpline is able to help with many problems.

It gives confidential expert advice on autism to people with autism as well as their family and friends


Telephone  0808 800 4104


Mon - Thur 10am - 4pm   Fridays 9am - 3pm


(be prepared to hang on as it is very popular but you can also email them, see their website which also has a huge amount of information including benefits advice).



The NAS also run a Parent to Parent phoneline


Telephone  0808 800 4106

free from landlines and most mobiles.


It enables you to talk to a trained parent of a person on the autism spectrum, to talk through problems and feelings and suggest helpful strategies.


For more helpline numbers see our 'Contact' page


For mental health support, the first place to go to is your GP - or Derriford A&E in a crisis, and check our 'Local Links' page.

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We are a NAS branch run solely by volunteers.


Since 2010 we have been running a peer support group for adults with Aspergers Syndrome.


We also act as a source of information on local events and services.


We are currently running 3 support groups which have free monthly meetings:


1) Peer support for adults with Asperger's syndrome

2) Peer support for autistic women

3) Peer support for parents and carers


We have 2 Facebook pages, one for autistic adults and one for parents and carers.


To find out more click on the support groups tab at the top of this page or find us on Facebook.


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